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Pics by Brian Ziff (Vespertine)


December 8th, 2010 2 Comments

NEW PHOTOS from Kerli HERE (“BubbleGoth is coming” Photo Album)!

NEW Moonchild Chair Tutorial from Kerli featuring Vespertine HERE!

NEW Moonchild Transmissions Contest ENTRIES!!! Submit today! <3

Check out another Moonchild Transmission from Brazil below :)

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AOL vlog webisode 2

December 6th, 2010 2 Comments

NEW Check out Kerli’s second vlog behind the scenes of her new video Army of Love (webisode 02).

This webisode features a snippet of the song AND a look at Kerli’s Lab in Estonia!!!

Visit AOL’s PopEater blog to see the full post.

AOL vlog Webisode 01 – UPDATED

December 1st, 2010 8 Comments

NEW Check out the first in a series of vlogs Kerli is making about AOL (webisode 01).

This webisode features a snippet of the song AND an introduction to Kerli!!!

Visit AOL’s PopEater blog for an exclusive Q&A with Kerli on her vision for her forthcoming album!!! <3

Contest 02: Moonchild Transmissions

November 30th, 2010 1 Comment

Have you entered the Moonchild Transmissions Contest? Want to learn more about becoming a Moonchild Correspondent for your area? [DETAILS HERE]

Submit your entry as a Video Response response to Kerli’s Video.

Check out one of the Moonchild Transmissions below! <3

Make sure to catch the other entries HERE.


November 30th, 2010 0 Comments

NEW Moonchild Transmissions Contest ENTRIES!!! Keep them coming – these are AMAZING so far <3

NEW Blog from Kerli with Photos below!

NEW Moonchild Headband Tutorial!


November 29th, 2010 3 Comments

I think that the greatest thing about being a human is the ability to make and understand music. There is nothing more powerful, more basic in this world. It’s untouchable, unexplainable. True language of God.

Whenever I pray, I thank music and I ask for many days on this planet so I could hear and make more music and witness the greatness of all the geniuses that are able to crack the code and create a vibration that truly touches our souls and changes lives.

Thank You.


November 29th, 2010 9 Comments

I saw some super cute confetti sprinkles at the local grocery store so I thought I’d make some edible shoes and accessories out of them.

What you need:
- Random shoes
- Confetti sprinkles
- Barge rubber cement or any other thick glue
- Diamond Glaze


First I cover the shoe with some rubber cement. Then sprinkle the confetti on it. Let it stay outside overnight and glaze it with a coat of diamond glaze for a plastic look.

Super super messy! But oh so sweet and so worth it.






November 21st, 2010 22 Comments

Full moon is the time to make resolutions…the time to harvest the crops u’ve been carefully growing. It’s a great time to cut your hair and to tie up loose ends in your life. Pretty much from the full moon to the next new moon, it’s a good time to say goodbye to whatever you wish to say goodbye to. I felt an intense need to clean my house a couple of days ago… I threw out 2 huge bags of clothes I hadn’t worn for a while and even threw away my sheets. Felt very radical for some reason.

I don’t religiously follow all the moon phases anymore the way I used to but sometimes when I catch either a new moon or the full moon, it’s nice to remember what they stand for and honor these cycles. We’re the Moon Children, after all :)

SO let me tell u a little bit about my rituals for this full moon:

First I clean my whole house with Sage. Sage is known to purify the energy. You can use Sage smoke to clear your place or yourself from anything that might not be necessary in your life anymore. To amplify the benefits of Sage, u can add your intention or a simple prayer to all of this. No need to feel under pressure though. The Sage will do the job just fine anyway.


I also make sure I smudge my Crystals, that I so dearly love, with the smoke. You can also clean stones and other objects by putting them under running water or letting them sit in a water with sea salt for a bit. Some crystals don’t like the sea salt water so make sure u read about it first.
I then put my crystals to “charge” under direct moonlight. There are many ways to “charge” your crystals or other objects with specific energy and there’s plenty of info about it on the web and in the books.

My Crystals are very personal to me so I can’t add a photo.

Then, I light many candles and run a hot bath. Mmmm:) In the bathwater I put a mixture of Marshmallow Root, Wild Yam, Lemon Peel, Orris Root, Irish Moss, Sandalwood, Jasmine Flowers, Mugwort and Hops Flowers. As the water drains, I imagine all my worries and problems flowing away with it.


Then a good night sleep and by tomorrow morning we’re ready to take over the world :)


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