domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

KERLI: "Babies, I had an idea."

Babies, I had an idea.
Since I started asking you questions on formspring I noticed u love getting asked questions so I thought we should share even more of our thoughts/happiness/sadness and start this thing called moonchild asks. I don’t really like the name idea that i came up with for it so please make suggestions of what it should be called:)
But it would be about you leaving questions to other moonchildren in the comments and me picking one and posting it on formspring and then you can come and leave your answers in the comments here on on formspring so we can make full on posts about topics that you wanna talk about. I have noticed that some of you are going through tough times and sometimes I don’t have the answer or proper advice and I was thinking that there is so many moonchildren now, why not just help each other.
It’s not only problems I wanna talk about though..all kinds of things…anything.
This way we can support each other even more and be in communication about what’s on your mind.
So to start this thing off, feel free to leave a question/statement/opinion about whatever u want in the comments.
I would wanna do this weekly so all of our soldiers would be in touch in a way..
heart to heart


ps: my formspring is

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