miércoles, 10 de marzo de 2010

Video Premiere: Kerli, 'Tea Party'

If you were to dream about the ultimate Mad Hatter tea party, it would probably look like the one in Kerli's new video. The international singer-songwriter has penned a song called 'Tea Party' for the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack 'Almost Alice,' and in true Kerli fashion, she's taking all the visuals to the extreme.

Dressed in outrageous costumes, Kerli sets up a lavish tea party for her friends. Each one of them has a distinct look and everyone is having a great time until Kerli spikes the tea with a secret potion.

All of the props and costumes in the video were shot live, but most of the backgrounds you see aren't actually there. Flip through our behind-the-scenes photos and you'll see that a majority of the video was shot against a green screen. See how it all came together in the full video after the jump. Kerli's 'Tea Party' is available on iTunes now.

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